Sure you have, we have all been there…..

Just seems like nothing goes your way.  Have you ever wondered when It will be YOUR TIME?

Have you ever felt like when it rains it pours on your life?

540x293_20140111_2e5cbacea3f3b26f205e3ad33714b60a_jpgYou aren’t alone.  Thousands feel that very same way.

I have clawed my way to where I am.  I will not be defeated and you can’t either.

I have been in multiple companies. Nearing 69 in less than a month and caring for a 99 year old mother I DON’T have any time for a long learning curve. Either my sponsor ignores me or the business bellys up.  I could’ve given up so many times.  But I didn’t!

With that said….a legitimate home business is not a get rich quick scheme. No, I’m not where I want to be but thank God I’m not where I use to be. This is my last rodeo. It’s my home. 

This came to me as I was writing my new friend and trying to answer her questions….

While it’s not easy to take care of a home and raise a family, we fall many times and it takes years to get your home and your little family the way you feel they should be but do we give up on our home and family and quit because we hit bumps in the road? Certainly not, even though we may feel like it.  We have invested much time and our hard earned money, so NOPE, we keep clawing our way to the top and invest in ourselves even when it looks like we can’t take another step.

I remember my teenagers. I thought I would die raising them alone. I literally didn’t think I could make it one more day but I just kept on going and going and going and NOW they are lovely adults with families of their own, you can meet my family here. It was hard but so so worth it.

Is your family worth it even when you cry because your kids don’t act the way you think they should? Is your home worth it when you keep getting repair bills that break the bank? Are you going to throw in the towel? Are you ready to give up on life and on your business?  MOST people will. Some won’t. Which one are you?  I pray you keep investing and moving forward and don’t give up on your kids or your home.

Now I have to look at my home business the very same way.  My home business is one of my children and I will keep going with God’s help. No, it’s not easy. There are pains. There are bumps in the road. You will want to quit or even jump to another biz like people jump to other marriages when one doesn’t work out. BUT the majority don’t make it there either. I am not saying that ALL are like that, there are exceptions but usually you take the same issues with you to a new marriage or to a new business. With that said. I am home. I AM BLESSED ~  YOU ARE BLESSED!

Let’s hustle together.

Make this the Best day of your life….

Donna G Harris

P.S. ARE YOU READY TO GIVE UP or are you going to keep on going?  Life is a process and not an event!

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Author: The Business Lady

Donna Harris is the author and creator of The Online Business Lady and also She shows both entrepreneurs and family caregivers who have jumped off the merry-go-round how to create a plan B. Donna helps those who help themselves. She helps those who have an entrepreneur spirit to step into their God Given Powers to live a better spiritual, physical and financial life and build lasting memories with their families and loved ones.

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