Why Aren’t There More Christian Online Internet Marketers…

God and businessI Am Curious Why There Aren’t More Christian Online Internet Marketers

You see, I have been an online marketer for a few years now and I see how we touch so many lives daily even hourly and yes probably every second of the day.  

My business is very close to my heart, so I am curious where you are at.

God is very important to me.  He is number ONE in my life.  My family is number TWO and then my internet business comes afterwards, but my business is very close and dear to my heart.

We are bridges whether you know it or not…of course not all bridges are crossible.






I Am Curious Why There Aren’t More Christian Online Internet Marketers being a bridge…

I am looking for others who were in the same spot as I use to be so I can bridge a relationship with them.

I am being mentored by the very elite in this business plus my DADDY (God) is my main mentor.

I stumbled upon a system a while back that changed the course of my business and I thank God every single day!

My mentors are God centered.

It has been so rewarding to be able to care for my 99 year old mother and know that I am working on my future at the very same time.  God is so good!  I’m also known as The Crazy Caregiver(giggle).  20 years ago you could not have convinced me this is where my life would have led me to, but here I am.


I am able to let God’s light shine through to others by blogging…

I am able to help others find their purpose…

I am able to help other caregivers change their financial future by building an online business

I am FREE…

I am able to be more available to my grandchildren…

I am able to coach and train others to do similiar!

Praise God.

I am here to help YOU!  What are you here for?

I Am Curious Why There Aren’t More Christian Online Internet Marketers standing ready to help others become a better person and become a successful christian business person.

It’s TIME to take back from Satan what he has stolen from you, don’t you think?

Well I am here to tell you that I could be your last hope…

I will be waiting to hear from you.

I wish you well ~

Donna G Harris






P.S. I am the caregiver that will help you develop a ==> solid marketing plan. 

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Author: The Business Lady

Donna Harris is the author and creator of The Online Business Lady and also DonnaTheCrazyCaregiver.com She shows both entrepreneurs and family caregivers who have jumped off the merry-go-round how to create a plan B. Donna helps those who help themselves. She helps those who have an entrepreneur spirit to step into their God Given Powers to live a better spiritual, physical and financial life and build lasting memories with their families and loved ones.

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