How To Find Your Dream


Are you worried about finding your dream?

How often have we had a dream that we longed to pursue,
but quit before getting started because your dream seemed way too
enormous a task to accomplish?

You know…

Like getting that college degree
Finding better living quarters for your family
Taking your family on a dream vacation
Choosing the right career
Or becoming an Entrepreneur.

Trying to find your dream can be a little overwhelming.

Once I found my dream then I found my why,
what’s your dream and your why?

I’m here to tell you to Keep It Simple. Take one step
at a time. Gather information, then when you’re ready, take
one more step farther. Take the pressure off. You don’t
have to know all the answers and solve every problem
before you’ve even begun to find your dream.

You are FREE to try something new and then change your
mind. You don’t need to make a lifetime commitment
before you know whether your goal is desirable.

Plans may involve many actions and there may be risks.
You DON’T need to tackle them all in one day. Take time
and move at YOUR own pace. Not mine nor anyone else’s
JUST your dream.  


Focus on one thing at a time. If you Keep It Simple the
impossible may become possible and you will find your dream.

“All glory comes from daring to begin.”

Donna Harris

P.S. With the help of a mentor and God you are capable of
many many things that you would never consider before.
You may even be capable of pursuing your heart’s desire 
when you find your dream.

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Author: The Business Lady

Donna Harris is the author and creator of Donna The Crazy Caregiver. She shows other family caregivers who also jumped off the merry-go-round how to join the party. She wants to help Caregivers step into their God Given Powers to live a better spiritual, physical and financial life and build lasting memories with their aging parent.