How To Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic To Your Site.

How To Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic To Your Site?


I’ve noticed in many marketing forums how newbies give up in search of building traffic in less than 6 months. Building long term targeted traffic takes time and dedication towards your website. You need to work towards getting web site traffic and optimize accordingly. Before you read anything about SEO or traffic building, you need to remember it takes time to get free and targeted traffic to your website. You might have heard some X guy getting 1000’s of visitors in no time at all… NOT TRUE! It takes time, persistence and commitment (WORK).

In this article We’ll discuss long term SEO building tips that’ll help you build a profitable website. Any website that wants to make money needs to get optimized, and stay that way. Running an SEO campaign once or twice isn’t enough in this market: you need to consider long-term maintenance of your SEO. For long term planning you don’t need to chase search engine algorithms on daily basis. As Search engines improves their algorithms quite often. It’d be waste of time and effort to chase them. Better you can do is understand basic SEO techniques and keep building a powerful resource in your niche. Some tips for long term SEO.

1. Check on your pages regularly and make sure they’re still listed. Your listings are the most important part of your SEO work. Whether the page is listed or not is vastly more important than what key words you have etc. After all, if you aren’t listed at all what good is it to optimize?

2. Watch for bad links or broken links in your site. Fix it as soon as possible. Any missing pages should be checked out thoroughly. Chances are that the system has run into a problem, but if you don’t check it out you may very easily be wrong. I had one of my blogs PR dropped in matter of 24 hrs when I wasn’t checking it. Somehow I recognized my mistake and worked towards building it again. Now My blog got back its PR and traffic.

3. Resubmit your sitemap if you make major changes, but not for anything smaller. It’s better to have a blog giving latest details on minor changes.

4. Create monthly ranking reports on your site, to see if any changes need to be made.

5. Keep submitting your site to the big directories, as spiders use these as a starting point. This point needs to be stressed more often. If you need traffic from MSN and Yahoo, You need to do this. Some directories will provide you low cost listings for a year (sometimes lifetime). Normally they have High PR pages. So it’ll help you a lot. Besides from Basic SEO techniques you need not to worry a lot about regular fluctuations in your rankings. Though you need to keep an eye on your rankings and try to notice which factors are giving your results.

6. While we’re on building links, You need to work on getting lots of link backs regularly. Be it Link exchange or one way links through submitting articles. Do it regularly.

7. Watch your competitors and the methods they use. You’ll learn a lot by watching and understanding what your competitors do.


8. Keep yourself updated on your niche. Issue press releases often, if possible. Press releases are not like articles. Make them “news”. This will bring targeted traffic to your site. For more info check

9. Update Your articles on regular basis. Most experts suggest updating it at least once a week. Write a 500-750 word article and publish it on your site. Go for low traffic keywords which are searched less than 400-500 times a month. If you are interested then read this page on writing articles that bring traffic With these tips alone you should be able to bring lots of free organic traffic to your site.

10. You need to know how to analyze your own website. You’ll find lots of articles on Website Optimization but before you go let me give you a link to one of the software which I use for obtaining High Rankings for my sites. With this Software you’ll be able to spy on your competitors site and if need you can copy his exact methods which helped him gain into top rankings.

This might seem like a lot of work for a small website or company, but you need to do it to help your website grow. If you don’t have growth, you have nothing. No business wants to stay where it is forever, and SEO is a good way to get more business and stay in the race.

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