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    And A Better Life 



 The products, programs, services to sell are all
here in one place to save you time, money and peace of mind
whether you are brick and mortar or an online entreprenuer…

You didn’t mistakenly happen onto this page, you’re here because you have a passion
to build a business that matters with dignity.
You’re here because you desperately want to live your life and you know you have a BIG purpose, right?  

Well, we are here to help YOU make a better life!

Never fear, DonnaHarris.co is here!

Hi my name’s Donna Harris, I’m a baby boomer.
I’m a homemaker, a single mother, now a family caregiver and along with all this
I’m  building a presence online to help others like me and you.
I started 30 yrs ago building a home business and the last 4 years
I’ve been working online learning and researching new ways to share with you the tips and tricks,
experiences, strengths and hope to help build you a better life.
I’ve taken the hundreds of hours I’ve spent learning, testing, breaking and fixing,
I’ve combined this with all the mistakes I’ve made
and time I’ve wasted following the wrong people and getting involved with the wrong businesses
to finally listening to God and His words 
and finding the right mentor
and rolled all of this into our website to give you the shortcuts, tips and tricks for building a better life.

Listen, unfortunately ‘following your passion’ doesn’t always come with a built-in plan of
action that allows you to reach and attract tons of potential customers that you know need
your product or services.  And you don’t build a business worth talking about by positive thinking
alone, either.  Your business may need some tweaks.



Stuck in a cage

We have all had those feelings some time or another.  I KNOW I HAVE and I’m sure you have too.  Well, I’m here to tell you…be patient.
It’s hard I know, but I think you’ll be happy with what we’ve to share with you for a better life. 

If you’re like most entrepreneurs who’re chasing a dream we work with who want to make money but are probably secretly wondering how:

  1. To help lots and lots of people with the knowledge or products you have, but can’t seem to find enough clients.
  2. How to be consistent because you’re just DONE with the roller coaster ride of being up one month and down the next.
  3. To push through working for someone else’s dream, feeling small, invisible and worthless.
  4. To start making sales, not sure about this website and marketing thingy that you want to learn to master without sounding like a pushy salesman.
  5. To be excited about creating a profitable business while making a Christ like difference with dignity in the lives of those you serve.

     If this is you, then we need to hustle together and
get the show on the road to a better life…

We’ve brought together some of the most important tools of the business to help those who are ready to take their life and their business to
an all new level and we want to take you to the top!  Does that sound good?

  • Are you tired of being all alone with no one to ask for help to get your business off to the next level?  
  • Are you tired of maxing out your credit cards on tools and programs that you have no idea how to use?
  • Are you tired of being left behind?
  • Are you just plain tired of being tired?
  • You’re in debt, the relationship with your children isn’t great
  • You look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see…. So What Now?

==> ARE YOU READY???? <==

If you are, click HERE…

We’re READY TO HELP YOU !!!!  🙂

Let’s help you move upward to the next level.

Let’s Go NOW… see you on the other side.  The Business Lady is here to help you to a better life!

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Donna ~ Your Online Business Lady


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